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NoMAD is now part of the Jamf Family.

NoMAD Login AD is a replacement login window for macOS 10.12 and higher. It allows you to login to a Mac using Active Directory accounts, without the need to bind the Mac to AD and suffer all the foibles that brings.

Jamf Nation Resources.

Use these in Jamf Pro to do more.

Jamf Pro in a framework that provides for a number of ways to interact with client systems. This includes Extension Attributes, Scripts, and Package Manifests. Some older systems can make use of Managed Preference Manifests as well.


Run Scripts on client computers to perform custom actions. Anything you can script can be automated in Jamf Pro.

Extension Attributes

Extension Attributes run a script on a client computer and respond with information that you can then use to scope policies and settings.

Package Manifests

Composer comes with over 100 package manifests. Get more Package Manifests in this GitHub repository.

Older Resources

Managed Preference Manifests are no longer supported by Apple but our old entries can be found here. The Licensed Software Templates are from original Jamf Resource Kit.

Repos From The University Of Utah

Some Great Tools From Some Great People

The University of Utah Marriott Library Apple Support Team has been a great contributor of content for extending the use of Jamf Pro in various environments and we welcome their continued support!

Automates and implements a framework to offboard, secure erase and document deprecated Mac systems.

A tool to add unmanaged computers to JAMF.

Automate iOS device enrollment, configuration and imaging.

Manages the firmware passwords of their computers.

A collection of tools written to perform as enhancements to Jamf Pro.

SCL JAMF Pro Extension Attribute Collection.

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